Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Week In The Lakes

The last week of my annual leave was spent in the Lake District, where I had a marvellous time.

Cumbrian Hills by michl_007
Cumbrian Hills originally uploaded by michl_007 on 2nd September, 2008

We did a bit of walking through the hills and mountains, though not as much as I'd have liked but it was pretty shitty weather all in all. There was a trip to Hadrian's Wall and a tour of Honister Slate Mine. The ride up to the mine is terrifying in the extreme as the "road" is just wide enough to fit the bus and one unfortunate walker who bravely stood on the falling off side as we passed.

We took a trip to the Cumberland Pencil Museum and astoundingly had to queue in the rain to get in. I had to laugh when the boy in front of us said to his parents "What next, the museum of the toothpick?".

There was a boat trip across Ullswater early in the week. We didn't get a return trip, instead deciding to walk back, which is where I took this picture.

I wish we could have stayed longer as there was much more to see. Maybe next time!