Saturday, 5 December 2009

ISO Kilner/Mason Jars

Would you believe it's so difficult to find a proper Kilner Jar or Mason Jar in the UK? I'm not talking about the ones with the metal hinged closing, but the ones with the two piece metal screw on lid. Ideally I wanted these Collection Elite jars by Ball.

After a few days searching I have managed to find a site that supplies another brand of similar jars but not in the small size I'm after, though I've reached a point of desperation so may go for the smallest they do and see how that works.

It's made me wonder why canning and preserving doesn't seem to be so popular here.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Unsure Of The Stawasz

Hopefully my post-it note doesn't come across as too insane. After my first few projects I decided that while I'm taking the time to work out how much thread I need to wind on the shuttle, I might aswell save that info. After completion I can amend the amount if I have too much left over. See, it makes sense really.
Pita by michl_007
Pita Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 2nd December, 2009

I hate to say it but I'm not so happy with the book Tatting Theory & Patterns by Jan Stawasz. First off, I wasn't banking on having to learn a new method of tatting so I gave that section of the book a miss for the time being.

Secondly, I've been repeatedly trying to complete the centre section of this doily with little success. I had to do the pink bit twice which was in a way my own fault, I didn't realise there were different stitch counts for regular tatting and "Jan's method" so I didn't have enough room to close the circle and have it lay flat. Now I'm finding that the chains on the second round are causing me strife. If I pull them tight they look wrinkled when I join them, if I leave them looser they look too floppy. I've cut off and restarted the white several times and now I give up!