Friday, 30 April 2010

Quilled Lemon Balm

I got myself a quilling kit for a sampler and this is the first of twelve herbs from the aptly named Herb Sampler. I actually didn't use the kit paper as this is a trial run. Also, the pattern calls for more of those white coils to be placed on top of the ones already there but I didn't want it to stand too high from the page.

Lemon Balm by michl_007
Lemon Balm Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 30th April, 2010

As you can see I also got myself a quilling board which was pretty costly when you consider it's just a square of cork with a thin piece of plastic attached.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Quilling (No Tatting)

I was browsing through an online craft shop when I came across paper being sold for something called "iris folding" which I'd never heard of. You can see a flickr example here. While searching out suppliers in England I also came across another paper craft called quilling aka paper filigree which also looked like something I might enjoy so I searched for a supplier in England. I ordered some gubbins for both crafts (to be delivered) but yesterday I discovered that I can buy quilling supplies from a shop not more than ten minutes walk from my flat.

This little yellow flower is my first effort. I'm quite pleased with it all things considered but I'm going to have to practise to get my shapes more even.

First Quilled Flower by michl_007
First Quilled Flower Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 27th April, 2010

This white flower is my second try. Things I've learnt:.
a) dropping your quilled items on the floor is not good because they pick up every miniscule bit of fluff.
b) I need to get a board to pin this stuff out on while it dries.
c) it's not as easy as it looks but it's very enjoyable and relaxing

White Flower With Leaf by michl_007
White Flower With Leaf Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 27th April, 2010

Another thing which is cool... some of the quilled shapes remind me of tatting.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Not So Much

[photo to be tagged properly when I'm less tired].
This is not a keeper. The colours just don't feel right but since I've been away this weekend I haven't had a chance to give it another go.

Not So Much by michl_007
Not So Much Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 19th April, 2010

I'd seen this pattern before but I have to be honest and say that I didn't like it much. After seeing Isdihara's version my mind was changed. I like how the hearts work up so I'm going to try it again in different colours.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tatted Fashion - Teiko Fujito

It arrived! The book was ordered for me a couple of weeks ago. I ordered the shuttles a couple of days ago. Both parcels arrived today. I was getting a little anxious about the book to be honest.

Tatted Fashion - Teiko Fujito by michl_007
Tatted Fashion - Teiko Fujito Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 13th April, 2010

I've had a quick flick through the book and from what I can tell there are a few patterns here that are included in her other book Tatted Artistry. I like the look of this and can't wait to try something out, though I'm going to attempt to finish the item I'm already making first.

Is there such a thing as owning too many shuttles? I suspect not.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Actually...'s more of a purple/pink/maroon affair.

Red Magic

Pattern: Black Magic from the book Tatting With Visual Patterns by Mary Konior
Thread: (Lizbeth 40, col 644, boysenberry dark)
Technique: shuttle tatting

My second go at this pattern. So much easier now that I have a clue about what I'm doing. The first effort was a real chore in some respects, though when you don't know what you're doing you don't see the mistakes so that makes it easier.

15 of 25 by michl_007
15 of 25 Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 12th April, 2010

I've not as yet tatted anything for anyone however I work with someone who like to read so I told her I'd make her a bookmark. She likes this pattern but prefers the black version I made before so I'll do this pattern again this week for her. It's odd but I'm a little nervous about it.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

14 of 25

Pattern: Doily from the book Tatting by Jan Stawasz
Thread: Lizbeth 40 (col 601 white, col 632 purple medium, col 633 purple dark)
Technique: shuttle tatting

I've only done the first three rounds of this doily and am going to do other things while I try to decide what to do with the next round, if anything.

14 of 25 by michl_007
14 of 25 Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 7th April, 2010

I'm calling this fourteen but won't count it again if I add anything to it. That would just be WRONG.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Correcting Mistakes, Number 13

Pattern: Pirouette from the book Tatted Snowflakes Collection by Jon Yusoff
Thread: (Lizbeth 40, col 142, turquoise twist)
Technique: shuttle tatting

I find this combination of thread and pattern less than pleasing. It's not the pattern as I haven't met a Jon Yusoff pattern that I don't like, but the thread is too much I think.

13 of 25 by michl_007
13 of 25 Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 4th April, 2010

I actually started this snowflake using this shade mixed with a plain shade that is supposed to match but seems a slightly different colour which wound me up a little bit but such is life and dye lots.

IOMS was asking about the use of my tweezers so I did this little image to show the process. Hopefully it makes some sort of sense.

#1 If you notice your mistake before you close the ring, all well and good as you can easily (but slowly) undo it.
#2 The ring is closed and not easy to undo.
#3 I use either a pin or fine crochet hook to gently pull out a small amount of thread.
#4 I then use my tweezers to pull this thread out further. The reason being that if you use the hook to drag thread out then you end up pulling from both sides which means the ring tightens to the point that it will never undo. Notice the direction of removal.
#5 Once I have enough thread removed from the picot nearest to the closure, I'm able to properly undo the ring. Again, notice direction.
#6 I untatted the mistake and completed the ring with the correct join.

Intentional Mistake by michl_007
Intentional Mistake Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 4th April, 2010

Saturday, 3 April 2010


My secret tatting tool.

Tweezers by michl_007
Tweezers Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 3rd April, 2010

Let me start by saying that I don't do make-up and I don't do beauty routines. One day a couple of weeks ago I was struck by insanity and went spending money on products/tools that I'm pretty sure I'll never use and they still sit in the shopping bag right now.

Anyhoo, earlier in the week I made a mistake with a ring and had no end of trouble trying to open it up again. I was suddenly hit with inspiration! I went through my forgotten shopping bag and found these tweezers. I got a length of scrap thread and tugged on it with the tweezers to make sure that they wouldn't cut/shred and when they didn't I used them to pull open the offending ring. I've just tried the same trick again after closing a ring that was joined in the wrong place and I have to say this is the easiest method I've used so far. These will now be put into my tatting tools box for good!

Iris Doily

Pattern: Beatrice from the book Tatted Doilies by Iris Niebach
Thread: (Lizbeth 40, col 683, leaf green light)
Technique: shuttle tatting

I quite liked making this doily. It was a pig to pin out when it came to blocking but that's possibly because I did it at 1am.

12 of 25 by michl_007
12 of 25 Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 3rd April, 2010

Almost half way through my challenge and still enjoying it. I'm still in search of a really good sized pattern to get my teeth into, one that I have a chance of completing.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

International Tatting Day

Happy Tatting Day!

I've hidden away from the elements today because it was pretty stormy out at times but even so I was unable to complete the motif I started this evening due to mismatched colours. Still, at least I've exercised my tatting muscles.