Saturday, 5 December 2009

ISO Kilner/Mason Jars

Would you believe it's so difficult to find a proper Kilner Jar or Mason Jar in the UK? I'm not talking about the ones with the metal hinged closing, but the ones with the two piece metal screw on lid. Ideally I wanted these Collection Elite jars by Ball.

After a few days searching I have managed to find a site that supplies another brand of similar jars but not in the small size I'm after, though I've reached a point of desperation so may go for the smallest they do and see how that works.

It's made me wonder why canning and preserving doesn't seem to be so popular here.


H J said...

Those Elite jars are so pretty. Are there any Walmart stores in your country? That is where I found mine during the height of the summer canning season. Perhaps might have something online.

M said...

Hi HJ. I checked out the Walmart website and they do sell some of the Ball products but don't ship outside of the US and the Walmart owned Asda stores over here in the UK don't sell those types of jars.

Thanks for the suggestion, it was appreciated.

Quiltification said...

Don't Lakeland sell these? Yep -here you go

M said...

Thanks for the link. I was after getting the wide mouthed variety because they look very cute however I will check Lakeland. The last time I looked at their website they didn't have any of these jars at all so perhaps they are expanding their product range.
*crosses fingers*