Sunday, 11 October 2009


I wanted to crochet a bookmark and kept getting frustrated by the fact that I kept finding tatting patterns and didn't even know what tatting was. One evening a couple of weeks ago I decided to learn and rushed out to my LYS in the hopes that they could help with shuttles and/or needles. They had a shuttle, yay! They had some thread too which I wasn't overly happy with as it didn't seem to have much of a twist which I'd read online was helpful with tatting, still I gave it a go.

A week later and my home looked like a place where thread comes to die but since the man in the LYS had said that his wife tried and failed at the craft I was pleased as punch that I'd got my stitches to flip.

I have since found an online supplier (Roseground) who I'm impressed with. They could probably have more products/patterns online but they have a selection good enough to suit my current needs and they have lightning fast delivery. One day last week I placed an order at lunch time and it was with me the next morning.

Anyhoo... I've decided to sign up to the 25 Motif Challenge as a way of encouraging my limited tatting skills and this is my first real effort at making something, even if it's tiny. And no it isn't technically finished as you can see from the open end however that's due to lack of the right sized needle.
1 of 25 by michl_007
1 of 25 originally uploaded by michl_007 on 11th October, 2009


Mercy said...

I like this motif and LOVE the color.

Viv's Tatting Quest's Mama

Mrs John said...

I am happy to see you joining the 25 motif challenge, and posting to your tatting blog! It is fun to see what everyone is tatting, and the 25 motifs are a great way to learn, to experiment, and to tat when you just don't have more than a few moments. I will be checking back to see what you are tatting! Very pretty, and interesting motifs! :)

M said...

Thank you both!

I agree that the 25 motif challenge is a great way to learn. I've gained quite a lot already just by seeing what others have done.

Liyarra said...

Crikey Mikey.......I thought you had been tatting FOREVER when I looked through your blog!!!!!
Your work is great and you have come so far in such a short time.
You must be addicted !!!

M said...

Thanks Liyarra, for all your lovely comments.

I really do think I'm addicted because today I forgot to put my lunch in my bag for work but managed to remember to pack two different tatting projects to work on.