Tuesday, 13 October 2009

3 of 25

Pattern: Curds and Whey, from the book Tatting With Visual Patterns by Mary Konior.
Thread: Lizbeth size 20, col 663.
Technique: Shuttle tatted.

3 of 25 by michl_007
3 of 25 Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 13th October, 2009

I started towards the left hand side with small picots but wanted to see how it would look if I made them a bit larger. I only managed a few rings before I forgot to join and since I wasn't going to attempt unpicking I cut it off and called it done.

Shuttles by michl_007
Shuttles Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 13th October, 2009

Three shuttle brands. Clover at the top, grey ones are Inox-Prym and random yellow one.

I like the Clover ones best other than the fact that they don't have a hook on the end so I sometimes find it difficult to get the thread through small picots. I quite like the Inox-Prym too. They yellow one is pretty crap to be honest, with a wobbly hook and a hard feel to it. I might file it in the bin.


Fox said...

The curds and whey is a very pretty pattern Fox : )

M said...

It really is. And relatively easy to remember the pattern once you have your flow going.