Saturday, 24 October 2009

Some People Want Shooting

Got the train home just before 10pm this evening. It was quite busy. A man was sat on the floor, his female friend sat on the seat near to him. A group of about half a dozen drunken idiots were pestering the man but he was taking it well, smiling, shaking their hands. Two of them took umbrage at... God knows what and started laying into this man. The female tried to stop them and they all started laying into her, throwing punches. I tried shouting for reason, what man (let alone group of men) would hit a female?!? They did not take notice of me, as I suppose was expected. Police were called, thugs removed from train. I don't know how the couple are, hopefully... I would say "hopefully okay" but that seems a stupid thing to say.

Some people should do the honourable thing and just drop down dead.