Saturday, 23 January 2010


While blog browsing I saw a really lovely motif that I wanted to make. I read the comments on the post and it was obvious that others were also looking for the source of the pattern but the person who posted it said that they didn't think it was available online and that it was from a foreign (to me) tatting association. Looking at the image it would be very easy to copy but this somehow seems wrong and I'm wondering what others think about the matter of copying a design when it's not possible to attain it any other way.


Jane Eborall said...

Well if you can't get it any other way then I think it would be fine to copy it for yourself. You have to consider that somebody, somewhere put a lot of effort into the original design. I share lots of free stuff and don't mind people using the patterns to make for themselves or for small sales for local charities etc. I do mind if they try to sell online in stores like Etsy and Ebay without asking me first as sometimes I like to sell my own stuff - got to pay for my threads and beads somehow LOL!!! As long as you stick to these netiquette 'rules' and don't claim it's your original design I can't see any problems. BUT that's just my opinion!!!!

H J said...

One can try to copy someone else's work, but without the actual pattern it would be just an approximation. One might miss the designer's specific techniques that make the pattern what it is.

As long as you do not claim it as your own, why deny yourself the pleasure of attempting to tat your version of a beautiful design for your personal use?

Just curious, is it absolutely impossible to acquire this pattern? Is the publication out of print? If it is truly desirable, might it be worth the extra effort and cost to try to add it to your library?


Isdihara said...

I think the first two commenters have offered very sage advice. I couldn't have said it better.

You never know when you may see this pattern again (maybe even online and perhaps with credit noted) so it is always a good idea to follow the example of these gracious ladies.

M said...

Thank you for your thoughts. I would like to get the pattern properly because I don't want to cheat anyone.

The person who posted about the pattern mentioned where she'd got it but I haven't been able to get to the source, though I will keep trying. I was loath to ask for more information as someone had already tried in the comments and got a slightly curt response.

After reading what the three of you have said I think I'll wait a while, try to find an honest copy of the pattern and if all else fails I'll try my own version making sure to keep the results for my own pleasure!

Jane Eborall said...

If you'd like to email me on lovetotat at I'd love to help you in your search. If you can send me the link to this mystery pattern I'll see if I recognise it!!!!

M said...

That's a lovely offer. I may just have to do that, once I remember where I saved the site in my ever expanding list of bookmarks. Thank you!