Thursday, 25 February 2010

3 of 25

Pattern: 'Heart's Desire' by Susan K Fuller
Thread: (Lizbeth 20, col 601, white) (Lizbeth 20, col 613, golden yellow medium)
Technique: shuttle tatting

As yet unblocked.
3 of 25 by michl_007
3 of 25 Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 25th February, 2010

I thought before I started that the yellow and white might work but I really don't like them together. Maybe if the yellow was a little bit lighter I might like it more.


Gina said...

But it's cheery! LOL! Great job tatting it. I do think this particular heart is one that looks best in the same color of thread throughout but it's hard to know until you try it. It might be because of the way the rings are placed. Most are inside the heart but then at the bottom, they are outside which tends to break up the continuity when it's 2 colors.

Fox said...

It is a realistic yellow, like Goldenrod! I immediately thought of summer when I saw this, so the two colour effect has an impact. Very cheery, as Gina said!

Fox : )

Isdihara said...

I must respectfully disagree, M., like Gina, I think it is quite cheery. Puts me in mind of daffodils.

I think that this pattern is so lovely, but tatted in two solids just doesn't do it justice unless the color change is subtle. For the reasons Gina explains.

That said, your work is flawless. Great job!

M said...

Oddly a friend on flickr said this heart made him think of fried eggs! Also of daisies but... fried eggs?!?

I'm glad it makes people think of spring time because the weather lately has been so dreadfully dull.

I confess that I've started this pattern again in two solids because I'm determined to find a combination that I like.