Thursday, 18 March 2010

Clover Shuttle

My favourite type of shuttle. Anyone know why they come with that gold spot?

Clover Shuttle by michl_007
Clover Shuttle Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 18th March, 2010


TypsTatting said...

I have two of these and they are great to tat with.!!!!!

Fox said...

You buy these in two's usually and one dot is gold and the other is silver on the shuttles .

I guess this is to distinguish between Shuttle #1 and Shuttle #2. Just a guess!
Fox : )

Michelle said...

I like them because they feel so light and smooth in my hand, different even than the same style plain coloured clovers.

You're a genius! And observant. I thought the dots were all gold but now that I've checked I see that one of each pair is indeed silver. The not knowing was really starting to bother me, thanks.

OC said...

Oh! Fox, you are a genius. I'd never noticed that either, and you're completely right!

They're my favourite type of shuttle too.

***Jon**** said...

He he ... I know that one is gold and the other is silver, but I never thought to ask why they are like that. Fox's answer is very logical.

Liyarra said...

Hi M.
Yep one silver one gold. Bt I have trouble seeing them in the light I use so I put small temporary tattoos or stickers on mine and then coat with clear nail polish.

Michelle said...

What a good idea! I have trouble telling the difference with the spots too so that will come in very handy. Thanks.

Antiquarian said...

Yep, to tell which is 1 and 2. Then I added them to my stash of shuttles and thought...why don't I just use a colored one with it instead of squinting at the dots. *laugh*. I buy clover shuttles in 5 packs from Handy Hands.