Saturday, 3 April 2010

Iris Doily

Pattern: Beatrice from the book Tatted Doilies by Iris Niebach
Thread: (Lizbeth 40, col 683, leaf green light)
Technique: shuttle tatting

I quite liked making this doily. It was a pig to pin out when it came to blocking but that's possibly because I did it at 1am.

12 of 25 by michl_007
12 of 25 Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 3rd April, 2010

Almost half way through my challenge and still enjoying it. I'm still in search of a really good sized pattern to get my teeth into, one that I have a chance of completing.


Patrycja said...

It's beautiful!!

Cindy (Happy Bluebird) said...

Love this doily - you did a beautiful job. I really like the color too - very spring-y!

Michelle said...

Thanks guys. My favourite colour is green but looking at my tatting threads you'd think it was pink/purple. I'm going to go for some HDT soon but feel I should wait until I've had a proper go at my last stash purchase.

Liyarra said...

Hi M,
If you are going to do a larger one and have not completed one before - how about trying one that is mostly made of motifs??
Other than that - I like the Rose Rogers doily or anything from Jan Stawasz. You can nearly guarantee his ones will lie flat and always look amazing.
Your doily here looks great - love Iris' patterns but also have to block them hard to sit right.

Michelle said...

I might take your advice and have a bash at a Stawasz pattern that I have. I tried it before but had trouble however I think my skills are improving so worth another go.