Monday, 5 July 2010

My New Plot

See that nice little red shed? Not mine. Hopefully I'll get one soon, though they cost a lot for what they are. The trees/bushes in the back part of this photo are being worked on by some people and it's not part of my plot.

Wasteland by michl_007
Wasteland Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 5th July, 2010

These need to be cut back which is something my flatmate has made a big start on. Hopefully we'll get to enjoy some of the berries before the birds get to them.

Brambles by michl_007
Brambles Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 5th July, 2010

This is HARD WORK. There hasn't been any rain for a long time so the ground is really very hard in places. A shout out for the people in B&Q who replaced my fork when I managed to bend back one of the tines to a hideous angle.

Rage Against The Weeds by michl_007
Rage Against The Weeds Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 5th July, 2010

Still waiting for my official letter to say the plot is mine but this is a formality and so I've made a start. My flatmate did the hacking of the spikey and the long and I made a start on digging out the weeds and such.

I would have done a lot more I think but everyone that walks by and sees you at work stops to say hello. So far I've found that people working on allotments like to talk, like to offer advice and ask questions and are very friendly.

We measured the pH of the soil yesterday and it seems to be neutral which I think is good but what do I know?!? I mentioned this to the older gentleman in the plot next door and I got the impression that he was politely unimpressed.


Anonymous said...

My mom was an English war bride that came from Watford. I have heard many stories of grandpa working the allotment and all the fruits of his labor that they lived on upto and during the war. Don't know the county very well, but where is Herts. are you from? Enjoy your tatting blog - took it up a good 20 years ago - Mom knitted but I don't. Take care - Robert Kent, in northern Iowa (USA)

Antiquarian said...

You are ambitious. In all the years I've had a family garden I've never worried about PH. I do however add mulch/manure. Turkey manure is what's available where I'm at, but there is all kinds. I also recommend plant foods - I Miracle-Grow water every 2 weeks and the plants are huge.

Good Luck, drink lots of water while you work, and plant some flowers for the joy of it.

Michelle said...

Anon I'm near Watford.

Antiquarian I've never heard of using turkey manure before.

I've been using Tomorite on the toms both at the plot and on the balcony and there seems to be quite a lot of fruit. I add it to the chilli peppers too though they were planted late so not sure if anything will come of them.

I have two packets of seeds for flowers. One packet has purple and white blossoms though I can't remember off the top of my head what variety and the other is california poppies which I LOVE. Again, too late in the season for me to plant but hopefully the seeds will be okay to use next year.