Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Shove Your Contract

Cloudy Clock by michl_007
Cloudy Clock
Originally uploaded by michl_007
(8th August, 2007)
You go into a shop to buy a mobile phone these days and they pounce on you like flies on shit. The whole "Can I help you?", "No thanks.", "What is it you're looking for?", "A phone." thing started to get to me after a while today. On the odd occasion you decide to break the news that you only want pay as you go rather than a contract you can see the light burn that much dimmer behind their eyes as the eagerness to please starts to evaporate.

I used to have a contract phone and was happy enough with it until it came time to upgrade. They gave me a deal on a Nokia N95 so I wouldn't skip to another supplier but the phone was faulty and I had it replaced. Twice. In less than a week. They kept promising to call me to sort out the problem but never did and told me that because it was an upgrade rather than a new contract there was bugger all I could do. Needless to say I didn't renew again after that one expired and swore to stay away from contract phones forever more.

It's hard to believe my cloudy clock photo was taken this time last year. The weather today has been particularly windy and rainy.