Wednesday, 20 August 2008

SB600, Must Try Harder

Must Try Harder by michl_007
Must Try Harder
Originally uploaded by michl_007
(20th August, 2008)
Bah. I was trying to experiment with my speedlight by taking multiple pictures of this thing but with the head tilted and swivelled to different positions.

Half way through the first set of shots I realised that I hadn't tightened up the tripod properly and it had shifted. Silly mistake.

The second set of shots seemed to work okay, with very noticeable differences. But after zapping them over to my computer I realised that I hadn't made a note of which settings were on which image.

The third set of shots had a steady tripod. I had my notes of the various settings I'd used. I was good to go. Then I realised that I'd left the little diffuser flap pulled out so it rendered my experiment useless.