Friday, 22 August 2008

Experimenting With Flash 1

Experimenting With Flash 1 by michl_007
Experimenting With Flash 1
Originally uploaded by michl_007
(22nd August, 2008)
I tried the flash thing again today with a little more success, much more in fact since I managed to do it in only one set of shots with no mistakes.

Aperture: f10
ISO: 100
White Balance: flash

I actually meant to use a lower f number but since the same was used throughout I don't think it matters too much. This does not count as a mistake... *cough*

Anyhoo... what did I learn? I learnt that using the flash head on is very harsh, no shock there. While the light that's bounced off the surfaces is much softer there is also a definite colour cast. I could have changed the white balance but I'm trying to learn what's happening so figured it best not to tamper with things.

I enjoyed this small experiment because I'm starting to understand all the articles I've been reading about lighting, even if only a small amount. Very encouraging. I will try more experiments.