Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New Tatting Books

I'm so excited! I ordered two books (The Tatter's Treasure Chest & Tatting - Theory and Patterns) from Roseground yesterday at about 1430 and by about 1530 I got an email to say they are on the way! They really are lightning fast with their deliveries. I'm still waiting on some shuttles from them but they were out of stock so I don't mind waiting.


Fox said...

They are very fast!

I am glad I read your post, as I had forgotten I had the Tatter's Treasure Chest for a while now, and have hardly looked at it! Where does the time go? Have fun with your new reading material when it arrives!
Fox : )

Katie said...

I just received Tatter's Treasure Chest (I accidentally ordered it twice.) I have 2 copies now - one destined to be a Christmas gift. It has some really lovely patterns! I think you'll enjoy it.

M said...

I've had a little play with one of the patterns but I won't get a real chance to use it till next week.