Monday, 23 November 2009

Runaway Turtle

Pattern: Tatty Turtle by Mark Myers (pdf).
Thread: Lizbeth size 20, col 690.
Technique: Shuttle tatted.

Another cute little pattern I think.
14 of 25 by michl_007
14 of 25 Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 23rd November, 2009

As you can tell from the picture it's still raining. I don't think it will ever stop! Poor folks in Cumbria are having it really bad at the moment and looks like they'll be suffering the consequences for a long time to come.

I completed this little pattern and got all the way to the finishing ends stage. I got up to make myself a cup of tea and by the time I sat back down my turtle had vanished. I know he's lurking around here somewhere but I decided to make him a twin to keep him company when he eventually shows up again.


Katie said...

Oh, he's soooooooo adorable. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who lays down a newly finished motif & then can't find it.

Yesterday I was dusting, & I somehow lost the duster. I still haven't found it. LOL!! I guess drooling isn't far off, because I also can't hear well or remember things any more. Getting old isn't for the faint of heart!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

You're sure zipping right along with your motifs! You're quite organized with your posts - giving a summary of the thread and whether shuttle tatted. Great idea!

I like all your motifs, especially the unusual bookmark. I don't think I've seen it anywhere before. You are being way too critical about the pretty orange motif. I think the picots are perfect!

Hope you find the cute turtle. I have found 'lost' things on the floor - sometimes in another room! Occasionally they 'stick' to the clothes I'm wearing!

Sorry you're having so much rain!

M said...

Thank you both for the feedback.

I'm _trying_ to stay organized but it doesn't come naturally to me. For example, my turtle showed up, wrapped in amongst another half tatted item.

I'm not suffering too much with the rain yet. I was late for work because of the wind today but the train home was on time which is the one I worry about!

WrathofDawn said...

Why do we organized people always demure when someone compliments us on our organizational abilities? You were the same way with your Flickr page. Best organized tags on Flickr.

As for the turtle... I didn't know they could move that fast. Perhaps he needed to hibernate?

M said...

I used to be pretty obsessive about my flickr tags and wrote scripts for firefox so I could put in shorthand tags and it would fill in the full list. Saddo!