Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Shuttle Join Ugly

I'm working on bookmark at the moment in pink and white. I'm using a shuttle join throughout the pattern and am finding that I'm not that keen on the way it looks. For example, I might work five stitches followed by a shuttle join and a further five stitches. The stitches after the join always take up more room because there's a slight lump from the join. I've tried pulling the join really tightly, or pulling it towards the first group of stitches but still it looks... displeasing.


Krystle said...

you might try picking up the ball thread instead of the shuttle thread for that join. it shouldn't leave such a lump. Or, you might look around online for instructions on the catherine wheel join--that would look just like a regular stitch.

M said...

Thanks for the tips Krystle. I've looked up the catherine wheel join as you suggested and have found a pdf with pretty detailed instructions which I'll try out.