Thursday, 19 November 2009

10 of 25

Pattern: Bookmark With Overlapping Chains.
Thread: Lizbeth size 20, col 601 col 623 col 624.
Technique: Shuttle tatted.

I love how this turned out since I'd already started it once and figured it wouldn't work.
10 of 25 by michl_007
10 of 25 Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 19th November, 2009

The chains on the outside were a bit iffy in that they seemed too long and made the whole thing a little wavy, however they looked much better after blocking. I'm getting more used to blocking and therefore less resentful about having to do it. Might even buy some more pins so I can do it properly without having to decide which rings/picots will be lucky enough to get jabbed.


Liyarra said...

Your work is so lovely and even. I really like this bookmark.