Wednesday, 3 February 2010

In Response... comments by Fox and Isdihara.

I keep looking through the Artistry book because it really is lovely. I've tried to start one of the patterns for what I think is a small doily but it wasn't working so I've put it on hold. Instead I'm working on one of the edging patterns.

I also tried one of the handkerchief patterns which I liked very much but it looks too clunky in the size 20 that I have so I'm going to wait till I get some size 40.

I got the Farm Animals book after seeing the calf pattern on another blog, which I'd provide a link for if only I could remember where I saw it. As yet I haven't tried any of the patterns but I think I'll do the calf in medium brown.


sewmuchfun4 said...

I also got the Artistry book recently. Love the pictures and want so much to make some of the doilies, but had to start with a VERY simple edging (#83).

I don't have the farm animal book, but I remembered a tatted cow on this blog. I grew up on a farm and thought it was a good representation.

:) Ann

M said...

Thanks, that's the exact page that I meant. I think it looks really good.

I'm working on a doily at the moment from the Artistry book but I've had a few false starts and wasted quite a bit of thread but I think I've finally got it.