Tuesday, 9 March 2010

In Pictures: The Eagle Has Landed

Trying to take a picture of thread wrapped in cellophane proved to be a pain in the posterior. Even trying a polarizing filter didn't work that well because of all the different angles (at least I think that's why). I wasn't about to unwrap all these little beauties either, not to take a picture at least.

They're all Lizbeth size 40 which Roseground don't supply yet and since I didn't get a response from my email to them I'm not sure when they'll have this size.

The Eagle Has Landed by michl_007
The Eagle Has Landed Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 9th March, 2010

col 108 sherbert delight
col 113 jewels
col 123 grape pizzaz
col 124 spring garden
col 129 purple splendor
col 132 tropical punch
col 142 turquoise twist
col 145 pink parade
col 601 white
col 604 black
col 605 silver
col 613 golden yellow medium
col 622 pink medium
col 623 raspberry pink light
col 624 raspberry pink medium
col 625 plum medium
col 632 purple medium
col 633 purple dark
col 643 grape medium
col 644 boysenberry dark
col 663 bright turquoise dark
col 670 victorian red
col 683 leaf green light
col 684 leaf green medium
col 690 mocha brown light
col 691 mocha brown medium
col 692 mocha brown dark

I ordered this bundle from Happy Hands in America which meant I had to pay quite a lot for shipping and was also stung by customs and parcelforce, the gits. Still, I wanted them badly enough that I was willing to pay.

I unwrapped one ball last night even though I was exhausted as I couldn't have slept without at least trying it out. I noticed that rings are slightly more difficult to close neatly in one swift move as the thread did a twisty thing but maybe I'll get better at this.


Gina said...

I think you're set for life now. LOL! I think the most thread I ever bought was when I was in Australia. I bought several balls of size 16 finca at a craft show and then I bought several of Aida thread when I went to a thread store with a friend. Even so...the two batches together, were not this many. LOL! Enjoy!

Fox said...

YOWZAAA! How gorgeous! Yummy, wonderful addictive and beautiful, sweeet Lizbeth!
Happy tatting,
Fox : ))

Cindy (Happy Bluebird) said...

Oh, yes. Jealous I am. What a stash! Have fun planning your projects :)

M said...

I can't even blame all this thread on an accident this time as I thought about it for quite a while before ordering. The only bad thing about it was the fact that I had to pay almost as much for postage/customs/handling fees as I did for the thread itself.

Isdihara said...

Now that is a thread order to write home about! I have a growing list of thread to order in April. Not as long as your list -- my goodness that is an impressive order!

I do envy the fun you will have more months (maybe even years) to come! What am I saying? I know you will find reasons to order more thread...it is the way of the force. ENJOY!

M said...

Technically I don't think I'll need more thread for a while yet but I'm not going to swear that I won't get any. I'm glad you understand.

Trayna said...

I envy all that thread LOL! You do know that Lizbeth is available from Roseground here in the UK don't you?

M said...

All the size 20 Lizbeth I own is from Roseground but they don't do the smaller size 40. I believe they'll be selling the smaller size at some point but they didn't answer my email asking when and I got impatient so went to the source.