Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Getting To Grips With Size 40

This is the first item tatted with my new stash. I managed to break it in the final stages but that's to be expected when you're working in the wee small hours.
Heart Broken by michl_007
Heart Broken Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 10th March, 2010

I won't be finishing it off because I messed up the left hand side while using the magic thread technique for ends. The last ring has ended up all distorted and I don't much fancy the idea of trying to undo it.

I like this edging very much and have seen it in other books/websites but this is the first copy that's worked properly.
Edging by michl_007
Edging Originally uploaded by michl_007 on 10th March, 2010


Cindy (Happy Bluebird) said...

I seem to mess up at the very end of a piece quite often - it's so disheartening when it seems like it's going so well!

I love that edging - very pretty!

M said...

It's infuriating sometimes, particularly when you've made something without any other mistakes. Do you try to repair the mess ups or do you just start again?

Cindy (Happy Bluebird) said...

I usually start again because I either can't figure out how to make the repair, or I can't get the ring open. Or I cut the threads before realizing I didn't join the last bit correctly. Infuriating, indeed!

sewmuchfun4 said...

I love the colors of the heart and the shape of it - sorry the last bit ruined it. I sew in the ends because I'm too chicken to try the magic thread technique.

The edging is LOVELY - looks just like spring flowers!

:) Ann

M said...

I usually try to open up the offending ring but if I can't then I start again. Cutting is an option I guess but I'd do almost anything to avoid more ends, including retatting the item.

M said...

I didn't have much joy with the magic thread at first but I've found it works best if you don't run the thread under the first half of the first stitch and the last half of the last stitch. Also, when I was using only size 20 I would use thinner thread as the magic bit but I don't have anything smaller than the size 40.